Lula da Silva defends management achievements in Brazil Dilma Rousseff
The former president also lambasted the media manipulation against Hugo Chavez and now Dilma Rousseff (Photo Archive)

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva, delivered a lecture on Friday in Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, where he highlighted his tenure as president and the current president Dilma Rousseff.
“For the future understand, you have to travel to the past and see what has been achieved,” he said, referring to the days before his rise to power as a candidate for the Workers Party (PT), at a conference organized by the newspaper El País.
For Lula, president for two cuatrenios (2003-2011), the South American nation has reacted well to what he considers “the greatest financial crisis since 1929 to generate a record rate of employment.”
The former president said that even though Brazil’s growth in 2013 was 2.3 percent in 2013, only nine countries in the G-20 (group gathers twenty major world economies) rose more than 2 percent.
It also had strong criticism about the media handling of domestic and foreign trade press against Brazil. “What they do with Dilma is just like what they did with Chavez in Venezuela.”
He advocated social programs such as Bolsa Familia, which transfers public money to poor families. He stated that these programs represent only 0.5 percent of po government spending, and rejected criticism that the beneficiaries stop working after receiving aid. He emphasized that 80 percent of those included in the plan has an occupation.Lula stressed the need to expand international trade with Latin America and highlighted the importance of increasing trade with countries in Africa, which would be interested in buying cars.
The comments of the former head of state occur at a time when Brazil is under strong protests demanding improvements from unions Metro Sao Paulo, drivers, police officers, and those who demand greater investment in education and health.