International meeting in Portugal highlights life of José Martí
The meeting was convened under the theme With all and for the good of all. (Photo Archive)

The Ninth Meeting of the World Council of José Martí Project for International Solidarity in Portugal conducted a review of issues that confirm the universality and contemporary philosophy of the Cuban independence hero.
The Final Declaration of the meeting, held at Villa Real de San Antonio, and other cities in Portugal and Spain, highlighted the proclamation by Marti paradigms for moral decency, justice, dignity and the good of human beings.
Convened under the theme With all and for the good of all, the program included academic sessions with the likes of Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Director-General of Unesco and Frei Betto theologians and Francois Houtart.
Also participating thinkers in Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, as well as the Cuban ambassador in this country, Johana Tablada.
The president of the Municipal Chamber of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Luis Gomes, highlighted the contribution of the meeting to closer ties between Europe and America, from the assessment and monitoring of different political currents and thought.
Hector Hernandez, executive coordinator of the project, said that the debate contributed to the spread of social and political thought in Latin America and the Caribbean in Europe and potentiated the strengthening of cultural ties with the region.Meanwhile, Mayor recalled that since its inception UNESCO endorsed the project to ‘he said is to present to Martí, Cuban, Latin American and universal.
Meanwhile, Frei Betto said that humanity has no future with huge inequalities and called to invest more efforts in the subjectivity of the new generations exposed to ethical, philosophical and economic patterns and impoverished ones.
These patterns, he said, reject history and dismiss the importance of utopia as a mystical path to a better future.
Houtart, meanwhile, focused his talk on the observations made by the capitalist system Marti, while the Cuban intellectual Pedro Pablo Rodríguez reinforced the growing relevance and universality of Marti’s thought.
In a recorded message, the Minister of Social Development of Argentina, Alicia Kirchner, who stressed the importance of the project, confirmed that his country will host the next meeting.