In pictures: They are some who will whistle in Brazil 2014
The International Federation of Football Association appointed a total of 75 judges to dispense justice in the World Cup (Photo Archive)

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), has 25 umpires selected from all confederations for justice in every game of the World Cup Brazil 2014 will begin on Thursday June 12.

CONMEBOL (South America), provide five main referees and their assistants; and a support group, where are:

The Argentine Néstor Fabián Pitana, who will be accompanied by his assistants Pablo Hernán Maidana and Juan Pablo Balletti (Photo: Archive).

The Colombian Alexander Wilmar Roldán Pérez will be supported by Humberto Clavijo Eduardo Prieto and Dian Barrero (Photo: Archive).

The other South American trios consist of:
Roberto Enrique Osses Zencovich (Chile-Main), Carlos Alexis Cardenas and Sergio Mauricio Astroza Roman Retamal.
Sandro Meira Ricci (Brazil-Main), Emerson Augusto De Carvalho and Marcelo Van Gasse.
Carlos Alfredo Vera Rodríguez (Peru-Main), Christian Daniel Lescano and Byron Norberto Guerrero Romero Ibarra.
Judges will support Victor Hugo Carrillo Casanova (Peru-Main) and Rodney Maldonado Ubaldo Aquino (Paraguay) wizard.

UEFA (Europe), sends most amount referees and assistants for the World Cup; they have the most experience after participating in tournaments like the Champions League and Euro.Amongst them:

The Italian Nicola Rizzoli will be assisted by Renato Faverani and Andrea Stefani (Photo Archive)

The Englishman Howard Weeb will support Michael Mullarkey and Darren Cann (Photo: Archive).

The other referee teams will consist of:
Felix Byrch (Germany-Principal), Mark and Stefan Borsch Lupp.
CUNet Cakir (Turkey-Main), Bahattin Duran and Tarik Ongun.
Jonas Eriksson (Sweden-Main), Mathias and Daniel Waernmark Klasenius.
Bjorn Kuipers (Netherlands-Main), Sander Van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra.
Milorad Mazic (Serbia-Main), Milovan Ristic and Dalibor Djurdjevic.
Pedro Proenca (Portugal-Main), and Joseph Bertino Cunha Miranda GarciasBolinhas Tiago Trigo.
Carlos Velasco Carballo (Spain-Main), Roberto Alonso Fernández and Juan Jiménez CarlosYuste.
The duo will be back Svein Oddvar Moen made up (Norway-Main) and Kim Haglund wizard.

CONCACAF (North, Central America and the Caribbean); Judges also has extensive international experience and recognized; where highlighted:

The Mexican Marco Antonio Rodriguez returns to the World Cup at the hands of his assistants Marvin Rivera and Marcos Cesar Quintero Toorrentera Huitron (Photo: Archive).

Joel Antonio Aguilar Chicas (El Salvador) will be supported by William Alexander Torres Mejia and Juan Francisco Zumba Galan (Photo: Archive).
The remaining inner Arbitration shall be composed of:
Mark W. Geiger (USA-Main) and Mark Hurd Sean and Joe Fletcher.The support team will be composed of Roberto Moreno Salazar (Panama-Main) and his assistant Eric Boria (USA).
They will also be in a support Walter Alexander Lopez Castellanos (Guatemala-Main) and his assistant Leonel Leal Bermudez (Costa Rica).

Meanwhile, the Confederation of African Football (CAF), have three boxes and two permanent judges of support; wherein are:

Noumandiez Desire Doue (Ivory Coast-Main), Yeo and Jean Claude Songuifolo Birumushahu Burkina Faso (Photo Archive).

Gassama Bakary Papa (Gambia-Main), will be joined by Cameroon and Felicien Kabanda Evarist Menkouande Rwanda (Photo: Archive).
The remaining refereeing team will be composed Haimoudi Djamel (Algeria-Main), Abdelhak Etchiali and Moroccan Redouane Rachik.Los support teams will be:
Neant Alioum (Cameroon-Main) and the Senegalese Djibril Camara.
Frazer Daniel Bennett (South Africa) and the Kenyan Marwa Range.

The AFC (Asia); also form part of the reviewers who will participate in the World Cup; which were also included representatives of the Confederation of Oceania.

Ravshan Irmatov (Uzbekistan-Main) Justica taught in company Abdukhamidullo Rasulov and Bakhadyr Kchkarov Kyrgyzstan (Photo Archive)

Australian Benjamin John Williams will have the support of Matthew James Cream and Hakan Anaz (Photo Archive)

The remaining teams are composed of judges:
Yuichi Nishimura (Japan-Main), and Toru Sagara Toshiyuki Nagi.
Nawaf Abdulla Ghayyath Shukralla (Baréin-Main), Yasser Khalil Ebrahim Abdulla Mubarak and Saleh Tulefat.
The backup will be responsible for:
Alireza Faghani (Iran-Main) and Hassa Kamranifar.