Government of Nicaragua Al-Assad congratulated on his election victory
On June 3, 16 million Syrians exercised their right to vote (Photo Archive)

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, on Friday congratulated the re-elected Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, on his election victory in which he won 88.7 percent of the vote.
The Central American country’s government spread the message, then that President Ortega issued its greeting the Syrian president. Al-Assad won voter approval of more than 10 million 300 thousand voters, June 3.
Similarly, the Nicaraguan president said his counterpart victory reaffirms the spirit and dedication to the peace of the people, because the situation favors a dialogue, solidarity and complementary world.
“We want to congratulate him on his resounding victory in the presidential election on Tuesday June 3. Their victory, brother President Bashar represents a reaffirmation of the commitment to peace and spirit of the Syrian people, has defended you with chivalry” he said.
In the last presidential elections in Syria, the candidate Nuri Al reached 500 thousand 279 votes, while Hajar, third, took 372 000 501 votes. If a candidate wishes to contest the results, you have three days from Wednesday to do it and a week later the Commission will give the verdict.
The Syrian people came out en masse to exercise their right to vote, despite the attacks of terrorist groups that wanted to boycott this demonstration of democracy, they were summoned about 16 million citizens.