Venezuela congratulated by Bashar Al Assad in Syrian presidential victory
The Venezuelan leader condemned the West unfamiliar postures elections. (Photo: VNA)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros, on behalf of the Venezuelan people, the Syrian people congratulated brother in celebration of the recently completed presidential election and President Bashar Al Assad for the victory achieved, reaffirming his leadership of the legitimate government Syrian.
In an official statement issued by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the Bolivarian government expressed certainty that these elections are an important step and is a clear sign of the Syrian people in their search for peace.
“We condemn the different voices from the West know these elections and call for the continuation of the war,” the diplomat cited text.
Similarly, the Venezuelan leader reiterated its full support for the Syrian people in their struggle for peace and reiterates its strong mercenary the destabilizing actions that are still in Syria, with encouragement from members of NATO sentence.
President Bashar Al Assad was reelected to his position, after news Wednesday that 88.7 percent of the votes awarded him the victory. Thus, the people of Syria confirms confidence in the efforts to end the Syrian conflict.
teleSUR invites you to see the full statement released by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry: here