International observers ratified transparent elections in Syria
Mass participation in presidential registered. (Photo: via Twitter)

The delegations of several countries that observed the presidential elections in Syria, including Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Russia, Pakistan and Iran, found that the elections were “free, fair and transparent.”
The Brazilian president of the World Peace Council (WPC), Socorro Gomes, elections are considered a sign of respect for the Constitution, the right of the Arab nation to self-determination and a sample of rejection of foreign interference.
The member of the Central Committee of the elections in Russia, Antoine Lopatin, praised “the great turnout in schools” and the electoral process.
Similarly, Venezuela’s ambassador in Syria, Imad Saab, which was presented at the polling Sweida city (southwest) stressed that “perceived a good environment for the participation of citizens.”

For his part, Al Hassan Nuri, one of three candidates to the Syrian Presidency, has verified the transparency of the elections, after congratulating President Bashar Al Assad for his reelection.
Syrian President Bashar Al Assad was reelected with 88.7 percent of the vote and rule the nation for the next seven years, as stipulated in the Constitution which came into force from 2012.
Assad, 48 years old, demolished 10 million 319 thousand 723 votes over his opponents Maher Hassan Al Hajar and Nuri, in the first multiparty elections held in the Arab country.Showers mortar and other attacks in the ranks of voters did not prevent citizens ratify President Al Assad in power, challenging the opposition running terrorist actions in the country for more than three years ago.
The high turnout at the polls last Tuesday, the schedule of election day, which initially was to end at 19H00 local-was extended until midnight and had to add more ballot boxes in several provinces.
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