Daily Archives: 5 junio, 2014

In pictures: Economic and Social Council of the UN reminds Gabo


It is expected that the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, to be present at the ceremony where Colombian writer’s work will be remembered, died April 17 after several health complications.

Santos shows confidence before runoff Colombia


“Let’s give this man a beating opposition who just wants to continue the war and that’s not what you want the Colombian people Colombian people want peace and social progress”, said Santos.

Senators appeal to bipartisanship after scandal in U.S. veterans


The chairman of the Committee on Veterans Affairs of the Senate, Bernie Sanders, said he agreed to seek solutions with the approval of a bill that claims the health benefit of war veterans. He stressed that the pact will improve the hospital system.

OAS resolution to resume dialogue on the Malvinas Islands


The resolution takes place shortly before the June 10 commemoration in Argentina the appointment of the first Argentine governor in the Falklands, Luis Vernet in 1829. The fact is one of the background secondary Argentina’s claim of sovereignty over the islands .

Underground strike generates record bottleneck in Sao Paulo


The strike trabajores Metro Sao Paulo that began Thursday, six days before the World Cup, a record traffic jam caused 209 kilometers, affecting hundreds of thousands of passengers were left without transportation.

Scientists found evidence of the origin of the Moon


Researchers analyzed moon rocks brought back by Apollo astronauts 11, 12 and 16 missions, some more new samples provided by NASA, and terrestrial rocks. They used latest techniques to compare the ratios of two isotopes of oxygen.

OAS members approve resolution against inequality


During the session number 44 of the Organization of American States (OAS), was approved the “Declaration of Asuncion”, a project that has as main objective to fight against social inequality and greater opportunities for the inhabitants of each country of the international block .

Rio de Janeiro sensitize tourists about white slavery in World


The government of Rio de Janeiro placed a large box in the central squares for visitors and residents think twice if offered to “Know the world and earn good money,” a phrase used by traffickers in the region.

Opened in Cuba II Meeting of Young Pianists


The Second Meeting of Young Pianists opened Thursday in Cuba. The event will involve young musicians from the island and other countries until a total of 18 concerts until June 29.

Venezuelan recall Chávez legacy Commander


A 15-month physical departure of President Hugo Chavez, military officers and government officials conducted a traditional commemoration from the capital.