Daily Archives: 3 junio, 2014

Denounce disinformation campaign on peace dialogues


The chief negotiator for the government of Colombia in the peace process with the FARC, Humberto de la Calle, urged the country to believe in dialogue and not be swayed by misinformation campaigns to sabotage it. “Colombians I advise not take longer stories. “

Over 30 leaders attending the G77 Summit in Bolivia


The attached Bolivian ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Reymi Ferreira said Tuesday that the rest of the guests can confirm their participation by June 10.

This Thursday election results be known in Syria


Local media also briefed on the massive participation in this unprecedented electoral process running on the parameters of the Constitution of 2012. Began counting votes after the polls close.

Ecuador presented the project to reform the OAS IACHR


The Ecuadorian representation in the General Assembly of the OAS leads back to debate reform of the Commission, since its actions regarding the enforcement of human rights in the region have been unfair and convenience of the empire.

Venezuelan parliament approved plan according to research magnicida


The Attorney General of Venezuela said Sunday that “the prosecution has succeeded in identifying a set of situations that are of high confidence” on the investigation of the assassination plan against Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro show new evidence magnicida plan


The information was released via his Twitter account @ NicolásMaduro, which also reported that it will announce the decisions of the High Political Revolution Command to consolidate the Great Patriotic Pole Simón Bolívar.

Investigate alleged proselytizing for Zuluaga


To confirm the complaint filed by the incumbent candidate for vice president of Colombia, Germán Vargas Lleras, the officers will have to face not only sanctions but National Police criminal charges.

Earthquake of 5.4 degrees shakes Peruvian department of Piura


According to the report of the IGP, the epicenter of the quake was located 27 kilometers west of Sullana and 35 kilometers deep.

Tropical Cyclone affects more than 90 thousand people in Guatemala


Heavy rains lashing several days Guatemalans are caused by tropical cyclone 2-E became Boris storm in the Pacific. In fact, the Guatemalan State enabled temporary shelters to prevent further damage.

They call for action against homophobia in America in the OAS


Advocates of gay rights in Paraguay urged delegates from the Organization of American States to support policies against discrimination and violation of human rights. They insist that Latin America should remove barriers this community.