UN should impose severe punishment to rapists in India

Representatives of women's rights at the UN require the police to act swiftly (Photo: Reuters)

Spokesmen for the Rights of Women of the United Nations demanded strict punishment and enforcement against sexual violence in the country and demanded the creation of comprehensive care centers for women who have been abused.
In a statement, the local coordinator of the United Nations in India, Lisa Grande, rejected the deaths of two teenagers who were raped and then hanged last week and suggested that the authorities impose severe punishment for violators.
The two 14 and 15 years were victims of a group of men in Katra, a town in the state of Uttar Pradesh (North), after the ultrajarlas hanged, a crime under international impact by police inaction.
Meanwhile, the families of these two cousins ​​accused the police of protecting the alleged perpetrators of the crime. The father of one of the victims told NDTV that the police station did not respond when he tried to report his complaint that the girls had disappeared.
For its part, the UN representative in India for the rights of women, Rebecca Tavares, claimed the urgent implementation of the law passed in 2013 in the country increased penalties for sexual offenses. Some advocates call for the death penalty.
In China, families of victims are part of the Dalit community, a poor town suffering discrimination. Three men, including a policeman, have been arrested and one policeman and three other defendants remain fugitives by this crime who are still investigating.