Russia presents resolution on Ukraine Security Council
Moscow calls for the immediate establishment of humanitarian corridors in eastern Ukraine. (Photo Archive)

Russia presented to the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) draft resolution on Ukraine. The information was clarified by the RT portal.
Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, had reported that the draft resolution be presented to address violence in Ukraine.
For the moment, the official explained that in this project the immediate establishment of humanitarian corridors in eastern Ukraine and the launch of a dialogue and the imposition of a ceasefire in the conflict zone would be requested.
“In order that the Geneva agreements, and the roadmap the OSCE, who put the demand for a cessation of violence, Russia plans to introduce to the Security Council a draft UN resolution are met. This document contains requirements for the immediate cessation of violence and initiating sustainable in order to establish a high durable fire negotiations. shall also contain requirements to establish humanitarian corridors, “the Russian Foreign Minister.
“We are very concerned about what happens there. Die every day people, civilians are increasingly suffers peaceful people. Against them continue to use the army, combat aircraft, opened heavy fire on residential neighborhoods. All this can be seen almost live, but unfortunately, most of the media ignore these facts and show other images, “said Lavrov.