Venezuela campaign strengthens warnings on cigarette packs
Venezuela celebrates World No Snuff with new warnings on cigarette packs. (Photo: VNA)

Venezuela celebrates World No Snuff with new warnings on packs of cigarettes. The first began to be implemented in 2004, and now there was a renovation, which took effect on 9 May.
These 12 real images, in which the mouth of a person with cancer due to smoking is shown, and the lung of a patient who died from the disease, as reported by the expert from the Pan American Health Organization, Natasha Herrera.

One of the changes implemented is now packs warnings are on both sides thereof, one of them takes up 100 percent and the other 30 percent.
The legal advisor of the Autonomous Service of Sanitary Control, Ministry of Health, Melkon Rose said “now we will have warnings on both sides of the packs. Smokers before the they turned around; Now, although the turn around, you have a text that recalls the damage they do cigarettes. ”
He added that the tobacco industry has “a period for leaving previous packs inventory” of about three months. “The important thing is that the industry (tobacco), from May 9, has to manufacture them with new images,” he said.
According to a study by Herrera, warnings have been adults to quit smoking and smokers also mobilized the best attempts to quit. The expert said it is a highly effective measure that meets the objectives for which it was created.”The 3 percent of the population, which may seem very little but at the population level is a high percentage, has been mobilized to quit on the information received from health images” confirmed.
The portraits of the mouths “are the most powerful in all parts of the world. Also, the lung cancer and the fetuses. They have that goal: getting people to be closer to the cigarette visualize the damage, see what nasty and ugly it is and move away. ”

Melkon, meanwhile, said the images really “scare potential smokers”, to the point that some men explicitly ask the pack that has the image you refer to is impotence; some mothers ask you do not have the image of the fetus. “The majority rejects the mouth” cancer, “and that’s important,” he said.
These warnings even have been requested by other countries for them to circulate among its population.