Turkish police repressed demonstrators protests commemorating 2013

Anti-government protesters walk amidst teargas fired by anti-government protester to disperse them in central Istanbul
Turkish police confronted hundreds of protesters on Istiklal Street, near Taksim Square in Istanbul. (Photo: Reuters)

With tear gas and water cannons Turkish police on Saturday cracked down thousands of demonstrators were pronounced in that country commemorating a year of protests against the government. AFP quoted by the police confronted hundreds of protesters in Istiklal street near Taksim Square in Istanbul, cordoned off by riot units. Meanwhile, in the capital Ankara, riot police used tear gas and water cannon against a thousand demonstrators in the central square Kizilay.Los opponents of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had called for demonstrations Saturday in Istanbul and large cities in Turkey to commemorate the protests and to denounce the growing authoritarianism of gobierno.Antes, a group of protesters lit candles and released doves in the Guven Park, where a man of 26 years, Ethem Sarisuluk, died of a gunshot the head triggered by the conservative police past.The year banned Islamist government, as usual lately, any concentration around Istanbul’s Taksim, the heart of the protests that began in May 2013 square, and threatened to arrest those involved . Given the call for this Saturday, the government mobilized 25,000 men and 50 cannons of water, such as those recently used to suppress anti-government protests over the death of hundreds of miners in the town of Gezi.