Spain: Dismantle network stealing drugs to other drug dealers

Several boats used to transport drugs (Photo: File) Also seized

Spanish authorities reported Saturday the arrest of 36 persons belonging to a network that is dedicated to theft of drugs to other drug traffickers and the seizure of more than eight tons of hashish from Morocco.
“Some of those arrested were charged with robbing other drug dealers using violence or posing as members of the security forces,” said national police said in a statement.
The method used by the network was to intercept the transport of drugs and steal, after receiving information infiltrators in the other drug groups.
The police, along with the Civil Guard and the Customs Service initiated the investigation in August, to secure the arrest of 36 people in several stages. “In the first phase 12 people were arrested and 286 bundles (packages) of hashish weighing threw 560 8000 kilograms were seized,” said the police.
A second phase yielded more than two dozen people arrested in Seville and other surrounding towns, including the heads of the network, “maintained the hierarchy of the criminal organization with great violence,” he said. Authorities also seized several ships used to transport drugs and firearms by the Guadalquivir river (south).
Spain leads the European Union (EU) in cocaine use among young people, where 3.6 percent of them consumed the last year, more than double the EU average.Young Spaniards also above the EU average in ecstasy (with a prevalence rate of 1.4 percent in the age group between 15 and 34 years, compared to one percent of the EU average) and amphetamines (1 , 1 versus 0.9 percent).
Spain has become a port of entry for the drug in Europe, from producing countries in Latin America and Morocco, a major producer of hashish.