Santos describes as false accusations of Álvaro Uribe
President Uribe stated that Santos tried to infiltrate the peace talks in Havana (Photo Archive)

President and candidate for re-election of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, described as false and reckless allegations against him by Senator-elect Alvaro Uribe who claimed to have evidence on income of drug money in his presidential campaign.
Santos, serving an agenda for the Valle del Cauca (southwest), said the allegations were made to add a smoke on an action that made the prosecution and found that was hiring criminals to penetrate not only the campaign but the negociares of peace found in Havana, capital of Cuba.
“Allegations of former President Uribe did tremendous damage to the country since giving him round the world,” Santos said after indicating that Colombians who should be judging this kind of behavior.
Uribe acknowledged Friday that it has no evidence against the current president, Juan Manuel Santos, having said that in 2010 his campaign received two million drug.
After giving testimony to the Attorney General, which is responsible for monitoring public officials, the president said that he has not received information against a president but his campaign against alleged information.Uribe had expressed prior to the first round of the recent presidential election, in which Santos won 25.7 percent and its main contender, Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, 29.3 percent, in the campaign for the presidential term from Santos (2010-2014), it had received two million dollars from drug traffickers.
However, the right-wing former president refused to present evidence of these charges to the prosecutor that he had been summoned for further information, citing lack of safeguards.