Mariano Rajoy announces plan to revive economy in Spain
Rajoy said 6000 will invest 300 million euros (Photo Archive)

The Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, announced Saturday that next week the Council of Ministers a plan to relaunch the economy of that country will be approved to invest 6000 EUR 300 million in infrastructure, re-industrialization and energy efficiency, among others lines.
“The Plan aims to mobilize a total investment of 6 billion 300 million, of which about 2000 670 million would come from private initiative and 3000 630 million public sector,” said the president.
For next Friday has scheduled the Council of Ministers, which is expected to take several economic measures, such as “re-industrialization and industrial competitivad” plus technological innovation.
It also announced a reduction in the nominal rate of corporation tax from 30 to 25 percent in fiscal reform; and a new employment plan. The latter will be approved before the summer “and pursues the modernization of the Public Employment Services, in collaboration with private companies in the Employment Services and the implementation of the Single Portal for employment and self-employment.
In Spain, the economic crisis keeps 26 percent of the population unemployed and has been the subject of mass marches in protest against austerity, precariousness and privatization by the Spanish president.The most recent polls (April 2014) shows that 90 percent believe that the economic situation is bad or very bad; 69 percent no signs of improvement in the coming months and to 70 percent unemployment, which affects six million people, will remain the same or worse. 75 percent disapprove of Rajoy.