El Salvador in run up to a new stage of its history

The mandate of Salvador Sánchez will continue the previous government of Mauricio Funes. (Photo: Reuters)

This June 1, Salvador Sanchez Ceren assume for a period of five years and will be sworn in cabinet that will accompany this second year of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) in El Salvador. Sanchez Ceren said that his government “is continuing” the outgoing presiding Mauricio Funes, but also intends to “put their own stamp on these five years.”
The new head of state has already taken on some tasks, such as dialogue with political parties and business groups seeking support for a proposed Funes by at least one thousand 320 million dollars to balance public finances tax package.
Another challenge to be faced in El Salvador is how to deal with crime and crime with a long term perspective.
In all, about one hundred countries corroborated his assistance, they bring 90 special missions. They confirmed 15 heads of state including presidents, vice presidents, ministers and prime ministers. Moreover, the takeover of Spain attend the prince and the president of the Supreme Court of Chile.
Ceren says that everything is ready for the presidential handover ceremony, which will consist of a formal ceremony and festival is expected to attend about 90 thousand Salvadorans.
The professor and politician born in Salvador Sanchez Ceren Resume, La Libertad, on June 18, 1944, in a family of craftsmen but studied teaching at the Normal School of San Salvador.In 1970, he participated in the creation of the FPL, the first armed group left the Central American country. Prior to serving as Vice candidacy El Salvador after winning elections March 15, 2009, along with his running mate, Mauricio Funes.