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Mexico beat Ecuador in friendly Brazil 2014


The downside of the game was the injury to Luis Montes by the Aztec picture and Segundo Castillo by Ecuadorians fought in a play where the ball; so both will be left out of the international event.

Pope attend Charismatic Renewal Summit in Italy


Francisco will speak Sunday at the 37th National Assembly of the Charismatic Renewal (CCR), a movement of post-conciliar Catholic Church, in a rally at the Olympic stadium in Rome in which about 52 thousand people are expected, according to its organizers.

Mariano Rajoy announces plan to revive economy in Spain


The Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, announced that next week the Council of Ministers a plan to relaunch the Spanish economy 6000 approved to invest 300 million euros in infrastructure, energy efficiency and re-industrialization.

Colombia seeks Interpol red notice against María del Pilar Hurtado


In 2011, the agency refused to make the arrest because it was considered a territorial asylum granted by the government of Panama; argument declared unconstitutional this week by the Constitutional Court of that country.

Greece tries to regain economic stability tourism


The Hellenic nation presents the first signs of economic recovery after the first two years in office of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras; in alliance with the socialist and conservative political sectors.

Argentina President defends agreement with the Paris Club


Without the participation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Argentina reached an agreement to pay the debt to the Paris Club. The amount to pay amounts to 700 million 9000 dollars.

First effective immunotherapy against bladder cancer


It is a targeted therapy and progress in immunotherapy, treatment of disease by enhancing or weakening of the immune mechanisms.

Santos describes as false accusations of Álvaro Uribe


President and candidate for re-election of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, described as false and reckless allegations against him by Senator-elect Alvaro Uribe who claimed to have evidence on income of drug money in his presidential campaign.

El Salvador in run up to a new stage of its history


Sanchez Ceren deepen the democratic changes, transparent governance and economic and social programs that have improved the living conditions of large segments of society, particularly those with lower incomes that developed during his administration Mauricio Funes.

Spain: Dismantle network stealing drugs to other drug dealers


Spanish authorities reported Saturday the arrest of 36 persons belonging to a network that is dedicated to theft of drugs to other drug traffickers and the seizure of more than eight tons of hashish from Morocco.