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UN condemns acts of violence in India and Pakistan

SG Meeting

The UN warned on Friday about the existence of a “wave of violence” which is exposed the female world. Stephane Dujarric, UN spokesman he said the violence occurred in recent months against women in India and Pakistan.

Sanchez Ceren final cabinet announced to start Government


The new president Salvador Sanchez Ceren have 70 frontline officers; 35 of them are ministers and deputy ministers, and 8 secretaries who work Presidency. Also formed a special security team to face the crime.

U.S. House of Representatives rejects transfer of prisoners at Guantanamo


The U.S. House of Representatives rejected a proposal that would allow the transfer of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to U.S. soil Friday. The proposal ended with 230 votes against and 193 votes.

Venezuelan Government reiterates complaint assassination and exposes the right


The evidence presented by the Venezuelan government are protected from the Attorney General of the country. The political high command spokesman said members of the right have linked to assassination unsupported evidence of destabilization plans.

For young raped and strangled cause outrage in India


Sexual abuse against women led the authorities to strengthen the penalties in 2012 and create special courts to track such crimes; whose numbers have increased markedly in recent years.

Nicaragua 55% of the budget allocated to social improvement in 2013


In 2013 the GDP was 4.6 percent while exports were up 5 billion dollars. Inflation, which in 2012 closed at 6.62 percent, last year fell to 5.67 percent.

Ministers Franco could be tried in Spain


The Judge Maria Servini Argentina could facilitate the process after listening to relatives of some people tortured, killed or disappeared during the Spanish dictatorship between 1939 and 1975.

Colombia handles deportation of Maria del Pilar Hurtado, former head of the DAS


The Office sent a letter requesting the ambassador Angela Maria Benedetti requiring a copy of the judgment of the Supreme Court and has court review if recuso to deport immediately to the “Dr. Maria del Pilar Hurtado.”

Thai military junta plans elections 2015


The date for the election call is preliminary; and may be advanced based on the time it takes the formation of a transitional government and progress to leave behind the political crisis facing the nation.

Algiers NAM aims to strengthen coordination and G77 in South America


The Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtan Lamamra said Millennium Goals for development and programs to be implemented in 2015, is an opportunity for both groups to act together for the continent. He stressed the need to impose multilateralism.