Daily Archives: 29 mayo, 2014

U.S. secret directive authorizes the use of force against citizens


The document known as Directive 3025.18, ‘DoD Support to Civil Authorities’ authorizes military commanders the use of force against American citizens, if there is an internal instability in the nation.

Regularization Dominican denationalized starts Monday


The country to regularize illegal aliens from 98 nationalities of the 118 registrants, including the descendants of Haitians who are coming. Those who embrace the plan must submit papers and birth certificate.

This meeting between Abbas and Peres at the Vatican will be June 8


In order to secure peace between the peoples of Palestine and Israel, Pope Francisco managed a meeting between the two leaders at the Vatican, where they will discuss measures to eradicate violence lurking for several the two nations.

Commission of the Chilean Congress debate the abortion from Monday


The Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, on Monday discussed the various initiatives that allow to terminate the pregnancy, until now prohibited by Chilean law. Since the end of the Pinochet dictatorship has tried to advance the legalization of abortion, with no results.

Pakistan ordered immediate action after stoning woman


The prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, demanded the head of government of the province of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, to take action after the brutal murder of young Farzana Parveen, occurred at the entrance of the court of Lahore, the center of this city over 10 million people.

UN Women requested the G77 + China to promote gender equality


Bolivia hosts forum this Thursday “Proposals from women for the new world order” where progress is assessed on inclusion and performance of women in various aspects of contemporary society.

Child clashed with police after eviction of houses in Sao Paulo


During the clashes injured several people, who in their attempt to save their property ended up in a health center. According to authorities, the eviction is the result of a court order by squatting on land south of Sao Paulo.

They fear that hurricane season is short but strong phenomena


Vigilant authorities said this hurricane season, as every year from 1 June to 30 November, must be “near or below average”, with 8 to 13 tropical storms, of which between 3 and 6 cyclones can become.

Crimea is ready to begin the festival of jazz in Russian lands


Performers from several countries have confirmed their participation in one of the most important cultural events of the region. With a first class organization, the festival is expected to bring together jazz lovers in Koktebel (southern Russia).

Paraguay River flood leaves 75,000 homeless


In the indigenous and campesino Chaco department (north), it is estimated that about 23 thousand people are affected. “We have to ask crumbs to survive,” reported the local priest. The waters have inundated more than 600 homes in 2000 North and South Plated.