Vatican removes license priest sexual abuse in Mexico
The Vatican condemned the father Eduardo Cordova, for committing sexual abuse against children. (Photo: Archive).

After several months of investigation, the Vatican suspended the license held the ministerial priest Eduardo Cordova for having sexually abused several children in Mexico Tuesday.
The information was confirmed by the President of the College of Catholic Lawyers of Mexico, Armando Martinez, who called out of place for a representative of the Catholic Church is involved in cases against child abuse.
While narrated that “the interviews were made to witnesses, questioned who could reveal information and sent to Rome the report in which to be evaluated and what is recommended from the Vatican was the suspension of priestly exercise Father Cordova “said Martinez.
Eduardo Córdova served as a priest in the Archdiocese of San Luis Potosí (North Central Mexico). For several years, he had been accused of sexually assaulting several children in the village, no charges were investigated by the lack of evidence.
For 2012, parents who make up the Archdiocese of San Luis Potosí, denounced the priest sexual abuse of a 16 years. Since then, an investigation was opened to determine the guilt of the representative of the Catholic Church.
The ecclesiastical lawyer revealed that to date, the whereabouts of the parent is unknown Córdova. But he stressed that the case was referred to the Mexican authorities for criminal investigations and be sentenced under the laws of the Mexican justice system.