Salvadoran Court orders total reserve in case of ex-Flores
Civil organizations warned that the judicial process will be watching flowers because they do not trust the judge (Photo Archive)

A judge of a court Instruction 1 San Salvador decreed total reserve on the corruption of the Salvadoran president Francisco Flores (1999-2004), who is on the run for nearly a month ago.
The lawyer in charge, Levis Orellana, ordered the case of Flores question cautiously, since the charge of embezzlement, disobedience individual and illicit enrichment, is serious.
Thus, the defense and the prosecution, may know the details of the case, according to the judge, which prevents access to the press to it. The move will bring consequences, since the request of interested parties was not taken into account in issuing the order.
After knowing the order of Orellana on the case of former President Flores, representatives of civil society came to realize that would monitor the process, since the judge did not consider reliable.
Flores admitted on 7 January in Parliament that received millions of dollars in checks from Taiwan to its name, regardless of public accounts, which are then bound for government programs.
The legislative committee that investigated noted in his report that the president would have appropriated a total of about 70 million, although the prosecution accused only 15 million.
Now the former president is wanted in 190 member countries of the International Police (Interpol) by permission of El Salvador, who sent orders extradition to Panama to the presumption that Flores is in that country.