Killed 10 soldiers and 15 policemen in new attack of Boko Haram
The rebels made an attempt for the second time in Yobe (Photo: Reuters)

At least 10 soldiers and 15 policemen were killed Tuesday after a terrorist attack by the Boko Haram sect ismalista on a military base and police station in northeastern Nigeria.
Local media reported that the attack took place in the town of Buni Yadi, in Yobe State, a territory in the northeast; there the government has declared a state of emergency to fight Islamist rebels.
“They were dressed in military uniforms and approached the door trucks and armored cars painted in military color. Soldiers mistook colleagues and opened the door before the attackers opened fire on them,” said a witness.
Another witness said that Boko Haram assured residents that when the attack would not kill any civilians, since targets were “men in uniform”.
After attacking the military base and police commissioner, the terrorists returned to the city and set fire to government buildings and burned several cars in the residence of the Chief District.
This armed group has sparked violence in several states to demand the release of their members to the Nigerian government. Recently killed 24 people in a north aleda following the refusal of the people to give them money.
Boko Haram still retains over 270 girls for more than a month ago in the town of Chibok and has threatened to sell if the authorities do not release prisoners fundamentalists.However, the Government has announced that knows the whereabouts of the infants, but stressed he will not negotiate an exchange of prisoners with the girls terrorist group.