Central African refugees have critical signs of malnutrition

Long hours of walking and have generated critical power escaza signs of malnutrition. (Photo: Reuters)

The long days of walking, coupled with the power escaza to have been exposed, has caused critics to malnutrition among refugees from the Central African Republic who are fleeing conflict in their country.
“The situation of the refugees who are coming alarmingly worse than two months ago.’ve Never seen such nutritional situation,” said operations director of Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Jean Clement Cabrol, referring to the recent group of refugees Cameroon reached.
At a press conference in Geneva, where the humanitarian organization has its international headquarters, the head said the cases of malnutrition threshold has passed the group of children under five years-most used reference to the 10 and 11.
On the nutritional status of the refugees who are coming to Cameroon, Cabrol told reporters that because “they have not eaten, have perhaps been ill and yet have walked two to four months.”
For the organization is concerned that “mortality doubles and sometimes triples the threshold for emergency” with a daily rate of 6 per ten thousand people. Similarly, MSF said the prime malnutrition in children, but in this case is also affecting pregnant women, infants and adults, with a rate of 40 percent.Cabrol also said malnutrition and its complications are just the main causes of death among the refugee population, mostly Muslims, though there are small groups of Christians who have also come to Cameroon.
The crisis in the Central African Republic was accentuated by the seizure of power by the insurgent group Seleka, which then had to relinquish power, after which the Christian militia “Anti-balaka” emerged, with evidence of both parties have been responsible massacres and abuses.