Bachelet ready to accelerate the discussion on abortion in Chile
The Chilean president accelerate the proposals in Congress are around the Abortion Act (photo: Reuters)

The issue of therapeutic abortion in Chile has been widely questioned by the Catholic Church and conservative organizations, however, the country’s president, Michelle Bachelet said it is willing to accelerate the discussion on the subject and open again the proposals stalled in Senate.
The president had initially announced that it planned to ship in the second half of this year a bill to Congress that considered three grounds for abortion, but now Bachelet decided to sponsor some of the initiatives of parliamentarians, rather than waiting for the drafting of new one.
Bachelet declared on the theme from the village of Comberton (north). “We will accelerate the discussion on the subject and his parliamentary motion, we will look at what proposals remain in Congress.”
Since the end of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in 1990, has tried to advance the legalization of abortion but the debate in Congress has not borne fruit.
On Monday, more than 2 thousand 500 Chileans took to the streets to protest against the currency by the issue of abortion. Activists of the pro-life “Always Chile” Foundation convened the demonstration in which Chilean congressmen accompanied right, that wearing red, banners and balloons said no to decriminalization, the demonstration passed without incident, police said.