Daily Archives: 27 mayo, 2014

Amanda hurricane loses strength during its advance across the Pacific


The system is still far from the tropical Pacific but its cloud landslides Mexican “enough to cover the states of Jalisco, Michoacan, Colima and Nayarit”, which could lead to heavy rains in the coming days.

About 14 U.S. Congressmen oppose sanctions against Venezuela


The congressmen noted that violence has declined in Venezuela in recent weeks (…) why unilateral sanctions should be avoided, said the group of lawmakers in a letter to President Barack Obama who recommend fostering relations with Latin America .

At least 23 people have died of cholera in South Sudan


Missionaries of the World Health Organization (WHO) state that the lack of food and drinking water, aggravates the situation faced by South Sudanese. To prevent the disease proliferate across the country, WHO is working on prevention programs.

Traffic accident in Colombia leaves 6 dead and 19 wounded


Official sources in Colombia, said a public bus rolled down a chasm in the road from the center of Colombia dawn Tuesday. Traffic accidents are the second leading cause of death in the South American country.

Killed 10 soldiers and 15 policemen in new attack of Boko Haram


After attacking the military base and police commissioner in the city of Buni Yadi (northeast), the terrorists returned to the city and set fire to government buildings and burned several cars in the residence of the district chief, witnesses said.

Salvadoran Court orders total reserve in case of ex-Flores


The measure allows the defense and the prosecution know cough details of the case, according to the judge, which prevents access to the press to it. Although the measure will bring consequences, since the request of interested parties was not taken into account in issuing the order.

Vatican removes license priest sexual abuse in Mexico


The president of the College of Catholic Lawyers of Mexico, Armando Martinez, said Father Eduardo Cordova had been repeatedly accused of committing sexual assault against minors. The case was referred to the Mexican authorities.

Bachelet ready to accelerate the discussion on abortion in Chile


The president said on the subject from the village of Comberton (north). “We will accelerate the discussion on the subject and his parliamentary motion, we will look at what proposals remain in Congress.”

Central African refugees have critical signs of malnutrition


Doctors Without Borders has warned critics exhibiting signs of malnutrition Central African refugees on arrival in Cameroon. They fear that there is a proliferation of epidemics that could be deadly.

Published technical data for satellite flight MH370 disappeared


The report released by the Malaysian government collects recorded by the satellite plane that took off bound for Beijing, from 16H06H43 GMT March 7 (local 00H06H43 Malaysia) until 23H15H01 data, when the last contact with the aircraft was .