Daily Archives: 26 mayo, 2014

Activists relive the journey of a migrant in the Arizona desert


The “Walk the migrant: We walk for life” is a journey that perform various activists, who left Monday Sonora (Mexico) and are expected to arrive on Sunday to the city of Tucson, Arizona (USA).

Death toll rises to 33 children by fire in Colombia


Tapias Dianis is 9 years old, who “had burns on 40 percent” of their skin, said Secretary of Health Barranquilla, Alma Solano. The parents of the deceased infants make a collective burial Wednesday.

Women and children in Pakistan: Those most affected by U.S. drones


According to a study conducted by the News Agency of Research, 60 percent of the attacks by U.S. drones into Pakistan have targeted homes, being women and children are affected by the misuse of drones.

Santos: Dialogues peace dynamics are reaching the end of the war


The current president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos said the peace dialogues and crossed the line average for the country, he urged Colombians to protect the process to lead to the end, that will be the end of the war.

Ukraine Matiena “anti-terrorist” operation in Donetsk airport


After noting the success of Piort Poroshenko, both Russia and the breakaway factions of Donetsk and Lugansk expressed their will for dialogue with the president-elect. However, the Army will command more missions “antiprorrusos” to disperse the rebels.

Venezuela condemns disruption of constitutional order in Thailand


The Venezuelan government condemns the breakdown of constitutional order in Thailand, where Juan Military decreed martial law and arrested a group of ministers of the ousted government.

Strike educators in Costa Rica could end Tuesday


The president of the National Association of Educators (ANDE), Gilberto Cascante, reiterated that to not be sure that the payment is fair, the possibility of lifting the strike would be analyzed because the state must pay the full salary to all guild.

U.S. will support the new president of Ukraine in the interests of the union


The Secretary of State, John Kerry, said the decision of the Ukrainian people expressed the desire to see a country anchored to Europe; although elections were within the illegitimacy due to toppling of Viktor Yanukovich.

New conviction disappearances during Pinochet dictatorship


After several years of research, a tribunal of the Court of Appeals of Santiago (capital), sentenced to six years in prison to six retired military who participated in the disappearance of three Uruguayans after the coup that led Augusto Pinochet.

Again come to light cases of forced feeding in Guantanamo


The U.S. prison in Guantanamo, captures the public to get to know a new gavage case against a prisoner of Syrian origin.