Opposition Socialist leader election in Portugal

Francisco Assis tops the list of the Socialist Party (Photo: dn.pt)

According to early estimates provided, the opposition Socialists led the European elections on Sunday in Portugal, against the ruling center-right coalition, officials said.
The various surveys conducted exit polls give the Socialist Party (PS) between 30 and 36 percent of the vote (seven to nine members) against 25 and 29 percent (six to eight deputies) to the ruling coalition, formed by the Social Democratic Party (center-right) and the Social Democratic Center (Conservative).
From the data presented confirmed, would be a defeat for the Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, a little over a year of legislative elections scheduled for fall 2015.
“The Socialist Party is again the largest party in Portugal,” said Francisco Assis, who heads the socialist list.
The general secretary of the PS, Antonio José Seguro, had called this week the Portuguese to censure the government and vote for change to avoid further tax hikes and cuts in salaries and pensions.
The Communist-Green alliance would get the third place, according to early estimates, with a score between 11.4 and 15 percent of the vote, allowing it to get three to four seats in the European Parliament, which would index a change compared to the 2009 election increased, where they obtained 10.66 percent and two seats.
Despite the results, the abstention rate would be between 61 and 66 percent, very similar to 63.22 percent in 2009.Abstention could approach the record 64.46 percent of the 1994 European elections.
In this regard, President of Portugal, Cavaco Silva Anival, had on Saturday called on the citizens of your country to participate in the election of the members of the European Parliament and recalled the high levels of abstention in other elections; warning materialized Sunday.