Martial Law begins Monday in People’s Republic of Donetsk
The militia of the Republic shall be elected by the force of the Army facto Ukraine (Photo: RT)

The Parliament President Denis Pushilin announced that starting Monday the newly declared autonomous republic in Ukraine, Donetsk establish martial law in its territory.
This Saturday Donetsk authorities emphasized that if the self-proclaimed government of Kiev military did not withdraw troops from its territory, would initiate martial law, so that “immediate withdrawal of invading troops.” Donetsk independent militias and troops staged confrontations recent days that left five dead.
On 15 May, the governor of the People’s Republic Pavel gubarev sent a message to the military forces of Ukraine and announced the declaration of martial law, to the presence of these in that territory.
Gubarev made the announcement during an interview at the agency RIA Novosti, and demanded that if in the next few hours the de facto government of Kiev did not withdraw its troops and military equipment of the republic, the AUC would begin an offensive that will activate on Monday.
“If you do not withdraw their armored vehicles and do not remove their checkpoints, everything will be destroyed and burned. Our reconnaissance and sabotage groups are willing to act” had sentenced the head of the operational command of the militia Sergey Zdriliuk.
Donetsk became the People’s Republic on Monday next to Lugansk.The provinces belonged southeast of Ukraine, and after getting their autonomy, the de facto government installed in Kiev (capital of Ukraine) which on Sunday held an irregular election declared illegal the query.
According to the first exit poll surveys issued on Sunday, the billionaire Piotr Poroshenko is ahead in the first round of the presidential elections in Ukraine with 55.9 percent of the vote. Yulia Timoshenko followed with 12.9 percent. There are 18 candidates, the president of Ukraine illegally dispute after the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych.