Hollande calls emergency meeting with his cabinet ministers

French President convened a crisis meeting to discuss the results of the European Parliament; where the far right won loosely (Photo: AFP)

President of France, François Hollande, called a meeting for Monday to his prime minister, Manuel Valls; and several members of his cabinet to discuss the election results of the election day this domingo.Valls, in their role as government official; considered the victory of the National Front of the European Parliament face a true “earthquake” to which public institutions must respond “very fast”. According to the report from the news agency AFP, those invited to the meeting are the premier Valls, holders Affairs, Laurent Fabius, Finance, Michel Sapin, Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, Agriculture and government spokesman, Stéphane Le Foll; also responsible for European Affairs, Harlem Désir.Las preliminary figures on Sunday, where the National Front would have been the winner with 25 percent of the vote; have made their leader, Marine Le Pen; ask for the dissolution of the National Assembly and call a presidential election. “Results represent the collapse when socialist party and the Union for a Popular Majority” said spokeswoman far right shortly after learning the exit poll results, where the FN leader with 25 percent, followed by the UMP with 20 percent and the Socialist Party in third place with 14 points. “We think the government should dissolve Parliament.The French “no longer want to be directed from outside” preció Le Pen during an interview with local television, which said the country is administered as directed by the European Union. “President of the Republic shall take the measures required to that the Assembly should be national, representative of the people, and able to carry out the policy of independence which the people have chosen “reiterated the ruling right-wing.