Colombians Santos: On June 15 we will choose peace and the future of the country
Santos called the other three candidates left out of the second round to join his candidacy for the good of Colombia (Photo: teleSUR)

Colombia’s president and candidate for reelection, Juan Manuel Santos said his impressions regarding the election held in this nation; where he will go to a runoff next contender Oscar Ivan Zuluaga. “A democratic journey, exemplary, alone, thanks to the millions of Colombians who supported our proposal and will multiply in the second round. Thanks to my campaign team; my family has always been by my side, “said the national president from the seat of his campaña.En that regard, he welcomed the ease with which the elections took place:” I also would like to thank the soldiers, to force . government of Colombia, which guarantee the most peaceful elections we had today “Likewise, considered vital the next three weeks; prior to the next election where part: “I encourage you in these next three weeks a debate demos height and concentrate on the proposals; is demanded by the people What has become clear is that in three weeks Colombians have two options. “”: those who want to end the war or want a war without end, and we will succeed with the peace that is our north, today begins the season of hope, trust work for peace in front of the exclusive option of peace “Santos analyzed.He stressed the importance of the next days and showed confidence in his re-election: “I receive this result as an application of millions of Colombians who were asked to explain what has been done in the last four years. On June 15 we decided between the past and the future; among those who refuse to peace and those who seek it. ”
Union with other candidates
The candidate for reelection called Clara Lopez, Enrique Peñalosa and Marta Lucia Ramirez to “join the crusade for peace, because you have made important proposals, which could narrow over the next four years.” Santos noted the proposal from the former candidate Marta Lucia Ramirez around corruption.
The head of state noted the proposed addition of former candidate Clara Lopez. “Let’s unite for peace, the union can move forward with the proposals which are the country’s future,” reiterated the candidate.