Candidates recognized Colombian presidential results
Lopez said that in Colombia there is a new left (Photo: Colprensa)

The results issued by the National Registry of Colombia which call second round led by the candidate of the Democratic Center, Óscar Iván Zuluaga (29.23 percent) and the current president Juan Manuel Santos (25.58 percent) were recognized by containers that were below voting.
Clara López Obregón Democratic Pole and Enrique Peñalosa Green Alliance, felt that the tendency not favored, as the 98, 31 percent of the tables scrutinized define a second ballot in could negotiate to establish the president.
Lopez thanked the union of their party, as well as people who sympathized with his agenda in campaign to strengthen the foundations of political organization and sustain a democratic surprising behavior in these elections.
“Let me thank the union of the new Democratic Pole, workers women workers, the teachers, workers and housewives in Colombia,” Lopez said during his speech at the party house.
“There is a new dawn for the left in Colombia,” the candidate, after stating that it will continue working for Colombians.

Meanwhile, Peñalosa said that his followers showed a democratic attitude and attached to the principles of Green Alliance that are done to Colombia, a different policy and corruption. “Any decision we make to the future, I will take the team and we’ll do the best by thinking of Colombia,” he said.”Well I think we get more on the query in the elections because that is democracy (…) have made a policy without lies,” Peñalosa said at a press conference.
The Conservative Party Candidate by Marta Lucia Ramirez joined the demonstration and Lopez and Penalosa considered a fair defeat, after the democratic, peaceful and transparent day. “I have said that I am an institutionalist woman, I respect the institutions, so you would have to do something too serious and delicate so that we could set aside. I will always respect the results of the institution,” he said.
So, candidates conceded defeat in the first election day and leave open the door to democratic Zuluaga and Santos. According to analysts, this result after Santos could try to form a coalition, while Zuluaga seek the votes of other followers.
With over 63 percent of abstention, Colombians will elect a president in the race to be held on June 15.
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