Portugal urged to vote in European Parliament elections

The president invited the Portuguese to vote in elections of the European Parliament (Photo Archive)

President of Portugal, Cavaco Silva Anival made Saturday called on the citizens of your country to participate in the election of members of the European Parliament (EP), scheduled for this Sunday.
“I appeal to all voters, tomorrow, do not forget to exercise your right to vote,” says the head of the Portuguese State in a broadcast by the President of the Republic shortly before Cavaco Silva arrives to Lisbon’s Stadium of Light Message to accompany the King of Spain in the final of the Champions League.
He recalled the high levels of abstention in other elections, which exceeded 60 percent, warning that this could happen again. He also indicated that the Portuguese should vote for this election will shape the future of Europe.
“It is a unique choice in the world,” stressed the head of state, before impinging on the results will have an impact on issues of everyday life of the Portuguese.
The European Parliament is the assembly of the representatives of the citizens of the Member States of the European Communities and are elected by universal suffrage. It consists of 785 MPs and plays a role in the process of preparing, amending and adoption of European legislation, and makes policy proposals to the EU.
Tene two meeting places: Strasbourg, France, in which twelve plenary sessions take place four days a year and is the official seat of Parliament, in Brussels, Belgium, which serves for committee meetings, political groups Additional plenary sessions