Attack on Jewish museum kills three in Belgium
Authorities are working to identify the perpetrators of the act. (Photo Archive)

Three people died and another was seriously injured in a shooting Saturday at the Jewish Museum of Belgium, in the heart of Brussels. The fact has been causing a stir among the Jewish community and throughout the country on the eve of legislative and European elections.
A person, who admitted he was present at the time of the incident, was arrested in late afternoon and was being questioned, the prosecution announced in Brussels. Meanwhile, investigators are still searching for a second suspect, according to surveillance cameras, walk left the scene after the shooting.
“Everything is being done” to “identify and arrest the perpetrators of this or drama,” he said on his part the Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo.
The attack occurred shortly before 16H00 local (14H00 GMT) in the affluent neighborhood Sablon, frequented by tourists for its antique shops. Witnesses to the incident say they saw two men. One would have stayed near the vehicle, parked in a row, while the other, wearing a “black bag”, opened fire at the entrance and then the museum.
Two women and a man who were shot “in the face and throat level,” died immediately or shortly after the arrival of rescuers, while a fourth person was seriously injured.”Our country and all Belgians, regardless of their language, their origin or their beliefs, are united and show solidarity against this heinous attack on a Jewish cultural place,” he told a press conference the Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo. He added that “there are four innocent victims. And this is a deeply symbolic place. Government expresses its full support to the Jewish community in our country.”