Argentina ready to celebrate anniversary of May Revolution
Cristina Fernandez will lead the Te Deum and the popular party homeland for the May Revolution. (Photo: Telam)

Argentina last Saturday preparations for the commemoration of the 204th anniversary of the May Revolution, which lead the president, Cristina Fernandez, in the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires (capital).
The head of state will be accompanied by governors, legislators and other government officials. Fernandez will be the only speaker at the festival organized outside the headquarters of the Argentine Executive from 18H30 (21H30 GMT), which was a massive attendance is expected.
Throughout the afternoon, also will take the stage many Argentine artists, including Pedro Aznar, Kevin Johansen, Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, Hilda Lizarazu, David Lebon, Juan Carlos Baglietto, Susana Rinaldi, Silvina Garre and Patricia Sosa, among others .
For the first time since becoming president in 2007, Fernandez will participate in the May 25 Te Deum in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. This occurs after the renewed relationship between the president of Argentina, and the Church of the South American nation after the assumption of Buenos Aires Jorge Bergoglio exarzobispo as Pope.
The return of the president of Argentina to the Buenos Aires Cathedral was confirmed by the successor in the Archbishopric Bergoglio, Mario Poli, who lead the Sunday homily.
Argentina also commemorate eleven year Kirchnerismo since May 25, 2003 Néstor Kirchner became president. The president was succeeded in 2007 by his wife, Cristina Fernandez, who was re-elected with a historic 54 percent of the vote in 2011.teleSUR invites you to view the web special 11-year kircherismo this link