Violence marks the eastern Ukraine two days before the election
The rebels made possible because municipalities and nearby regions not elect president (Photo: AFP)

The electoral campaign of the presidential elections in Ukraine closed on Friday in the midst of armed conflict plaguing the country since he was ousted President Viktor Yanukovich.
Russian federalists stationed east of the country have expressed outraged by the chaos caused by the de facto army, maintaining its rejection of the elections and threaten to abort the process, convened by the Executive proclaimed Kiev
It is expected that Ukrainians go to the polls Sunday mass, so that the election results returned a legitimate government that is able to meet the political crisis facing.
Meanwhile, residents of the self-proclaimed republics of popular Donetsk and Lugansk challenge the de facto government, preventing by all means that people choose the President.
The country has occurred the death of 16 soldiers in attacks and fighting that still persist in the region, where government troops attempted to depose militia forces supported by communities.
In this context, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the crisis in Ukraine is of vital importance to their country with a conciliatory stance; while for the United States is a technical matter.
Putin said Moscow’s commitment is to work with the new authorities is a relief to Kiev. Meanwhile, in the West many Ukrainian analysts confident of victory in the first round opponent Petro Poroshenko, who lists Russia as an enemy of the European country.The Russian president said that the government will respect the expression of the people in elections Sunday, stressing that it must fight to remove Ukraine from the civil war.