Thailand’s former prime minister was arrested after declaring the military junta
The exalted servant appeared with other ministers at a court in Bangkok (Photo: Reuters)

The Thai military government arrested Friday at the former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra and members of his family, then to appear along with other ministers at the new joint army, which took power.
“We have arrested Yingluck, sister and brother,” said one senior military to an international agency. Both families have held political office in the Executive.
The military said the arrest reflects the clarification of internal affairs. “I do it for no more than a week, that would be too long. Issues just need to organize the country first,” he said after bypass where the exfuncionaria remains stopped.
Shinawatra was ousted two weeks ago by the courts and appeared at a military base in Bangkok, having been summoned by the board installed Thursday after the coup.
According to news agencies, the new military government seeks to impose its position, and subordinate opponents. The army chief Prayuth Chan-Ocha, quoted army headquarters Executive members ousted for not being arrested.
Most went to the scene, including the former prime minister and his family, who delayed several hours in the military and later conducted reciento to army camp outside Bangkok.
Citations, whose omission leads to an arrest warrant, issued minutes after the General Prayuth proclaimed himself prime minister in office.