Daily Archives: 23 mayo, 2014

Unasur foreign ministers agreed actions to strengthen the ISHR


The foreign ministers’ proposed lead the OAS Permanent Council’s proposal for a study on the various dimensions of the system of rapporteurs of the Commission, within the framework of the principles of equality and indivisibility of human rights. “

Tension in Guatemala by forced eviction of peasant community


Faced with the threat of eviction, the community of La Puya met to ask the agents to leave them to live in this mining property. Armando Flores, one of its leaders said they reject mining because it pollutes its natural resources, mainly water.

Costa Rica approves gay couples to enter into the social insurance


For several years in the Legislature, there is a project that seeks to legalize civil unions between same-sex couples in order to guarantee economic rights as inheriting the couple secured together, joint access to bank loans, among others.

The phenomenon of double mastectomy without


About 70 percent of women who have undergone removal of both breasts after a diagnosis of breast cancer in one of them, although they do have very low risk of developing the disease in the healthy breast.

Venezuela denounces U.S. interference before the Unasur


The revolutionary government interventionist measures denounced the United States has executed mainly sanctions Venezuelan officials, based on what they call “human rights violation”. Venezuela is based on international regulations to make the complaint.

Government of Venezuela strengthens university education system


The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is meeting Friday with students where the system of university education will be strengthened towards the educational quality of the nation. He rejected the university strike called by the Venezuelan opposition.

UN asked the Vatican to do more to fight pedophilia


The Committee of the United Nations (UN) against torture on Friday urged the Vatican to do more to combat acts of pedophilia committed by clergy, while highlighted the efforts made by the Holy See in this topic .

Climate phenomenon “El Niño” threatens to return


The main countries concerned during a phenomenon of “El Niño” are Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Bolivia, however currently uncertainty about the potential magnitude and duration of El Niño continues, said Rony Martinez, scientific coordinator the Ciifen.

Prosecutor certifies accuracy of video Zuluaga and hacker


After a series of research and technical analysis, the Colombian Attorney certified that the video you linked to Uribe presidential candidate, Oscar Zuluaga, a spy hacker peace process is true and no alteration. Uribe Zuluaga and said it was a setup.

Banco del Sur will start opening accounts


The Special Envoy teleSUR Galapagos, Amanda Huerta Morán, reported that the Bank of the South will begin opening accounts in the coming days. At the meeting of ministers of UNASUR said the bank will have seven billion dollars background.