Daily Archives: 23 mayo, 2014

Attack pro Assad rally left about 39 dead in Syria


One was a minor-6 Al Assad supporters, members of the so-called popular committees and four other unidentified persons – 11 civilians among the victims were found. The terrorist attack took place in the rally in support of President.

Chilean mayor requests authorization for growing medical marijuana


The mayor of the community of La Florida in Santiago, requested permission to agricultural authorities on municipal land to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes, an unprecedented initiative in Chile that aims to benefit about 200 cancer patients.

Violence marks the eastern Ukraine two days before the election


The rebels outraged by the chaos caused by the de facto army in the east of the country, maintained its refusal to elections and threaten to abort the process, convened by the Executive proclaimed Kiev.

Brazil 2014: “Tiqui-taca” from Spain to defend crown


The combo led by Vicente del Bosque arrives at the World Cup thanks to a flawless qualifying process; whose total balance were six wins and two draws; for a total of 20 points that left them as leaders in the preliminary round group ahead of France.

Venezuelan public defense strengthens Latin American integration


With the launch of the Working Committee in Uruguay presented the Public Defender General of Venezuela, Ciro Araujo, access to justice in Latin America will take greater force.

In key: It’s two days to elect new president in Colombia


With two days, the electoral event is marked by peace talks with the FARC-EP as well as a confrontation between candidates and new revelations of espionage. teleSUR brings you the most relevant data on presidential elections on Sunday in Colombia.

Pending Promise: Obama has not closed Guantanamo prison


Election promise 2008 presidential candidate was to proceed to the closing of the enclosure; located in Cuba, considering that the U.S. image has been damaged by the prison and the activities carried out there.

FAO warns situation of IDPs in Central African Republic


Elizabeth Byrs, spokesman for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in a press conference announced that most of the displaced citizens of the Central African Republic (CAR), lack of different types of basic services.

Thailand’s former prime minister was arrested after declaring the military junta


Yingluck Shinawatra, was ousted two weeks ago by the courts and appeared at a military base in Bangkok, having been summoned by the board installed Thursday after the coup. The military also arrested members of his family.

Night eating syndrome: The habit that leads to obesity


According to researchers, people with night eating disorder choose to consume foods with a high calorie and unhealthy content, which leads to overweight and sometimes become victims of obesity.