Daily Archives: 22 mayo, 2014

Therapeutic abortion debate back to Chile


There is the possibility that President Michelle Bachelet sent a bill to the legislature during the second half of the year; so it is expected that all sectors of society to join the discussion.

Mexico sets plan to strengthen security in Michoacan


The Head of State announced the creation of a state citizen force to strengthen security in Michoacan. Remembered in a ceremony held in the town of Tepalcatepec, that in that place the self-faced criminal cartel to the Knights Templar came a year ago.

Mercosur public defenders defend social justice


The block will promote technical and academic focusing its work on access to justice for the most vulnerable people in the region, one of the proposals submitted by Venezuela during the regular meeting of the body, held in Uruguay training.

Egypt canceled reductions in penalties issued by the Government Mursi


According to the Council of Ministers of Egypt, many of the people who benefited from the Mursi granted pardons in their government, they returned to commit crimes against national security interests.

Elections in Libya will be June 25


The second deputy speaker of parliament, Saleh al Makhzum summoned the Libyan people to participate in elections and requested to register in the census for “Choose the best and most qualified to assume the responsibility of managing the country”, in order to end to the crisis.

They ask that science and innovation are axes of the Colombian Government


In a letter to the candidates by academics and Colombian businessmen, the undersigned consider it essential that the country’s leaders have a long term view and believe that science, technology and innovation should be the axes of the government is elected.

Argentine Government condemns coup in Thailand


After the coup facing the Thai people, the Government of Argentina calls the authorities to restore public order and to call democratic elections as soon as possible.

Rousseff rebounded in the polls with 40 percent of the vote intention


The study confirms Ibope Brazilian president as a favorite, while his opponent Neves receives 20 percent support. The poll defeat Rousseff Neves and his second opponent of the PSB, Eduardo Campos, with over 40 percent.

In Photos: March for Dignity took to the streets of Madrid


In this mobilization victims of Franco, who often protest every Thursday in the streets of the Spanish capital together; both groups are demanding the immediate release of two arrested in recent demonstrations.

Some 165,000 Paraguayans might have Chagas Disease


Health officials reported a new find in the south of the country; until recently it was believed not inhabited by the pest that transmits the disease to humans; whose diagnosis is unpredictable.