Daily Archives: 20 mayo, 2014

Presented to Snowden asylum in Scotland


Not become renewed Russia offered asylum to excontratista CIA, Edward Snowden, Scotland could receive. The petition submitted by the Scottish activist, Mick Napier will be discussed at the Scottish Parliament after the advisory referendum on the independence of the nation.

Venezuelan Attorney appeared before evidence against JJ Rendón


On Tuesday, the Assembly approved an investigation to demonstrate the link between drug trafficking JJ Rendón, supported by Uribe Vélez. The political advisor had to withdraw from the presidential re-election campaign of Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos.

UN urges Israel to investigate death of two Palestinian youths


The United Nations demanding the regime of Tel Aviv make a transparent investigation into the murder of Palestinian adolescents, according to a video released by an NGO, were executed for no apparent reason threat.

Animal rights in Nicaragua seeking justice for killing dogs


Thousands of people came out on Tuesday to defend the streets to protest and demand that those responsible be accused of the murder of canines. The official record states that were pierced with arrows in a swanky expensive area of ​​Managua.

Uruguay children receive about 100 Syrians before September


The project promoted by President of Uruguay, José Mujica includes hosting of mothers of Syrian children. So far the talks held with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which praised the event as positive for the Syrian nation.

13 provinces on alert for rain Dominican Republic


The Emergency Operations Center explained that in localities north, northeast, southeast and east, the soil is saturated by flooding. Weak to moderate rain showers, which could become stronger by wind are expected.

Chile: Pascua Lama project is not initiated when an environmental threat


Pascua Lama has been a controversial project that is widely rejected by social organizations that make life in the Andes. The investment for the works have already reached more than five billion dollars to date.

Bahamas and Costa Rica president report sent flowers to El Salvador


President of the Supreme Court Florentin Melendez explained that the financial information received from both countries reveals data on bank accounts or movements exmandatario Francisco Flores, who seeks justice since 7 May.

Unions of Costa Rica will support the education union strike


Pressure measurements have led the union protest occur in response to overdue wage payments by the State for more than three months ago in the Central American nation.

At least 46 dead in twin car bomb attack in northern Nigeria


In fact, the Nigerian Government ordered the deployment of a special operation in northern Iraq, to ​​the whereabouts of the perpetrators. In the coming hours there could be an official record of the number of victims who came to the area hospitals.