Daily Archives: 19 mayo, 2014

Majority supports Brazilian World: More than 11 million tickets sold


A few days to begin the most anticipated sporting event, fieldwork revealed that more than half of Brazilians supported the World Cup Brazil 2014.’s News represents a challenge for FIFA, which considers also selling tickets It is a good sign of acceptance.

7 bodies found inside a vehicle in Mexico border


Officials said there are four men and three women who were inside a car with license plates from the state of Tamaulipas. This is the second tragedy to occur since the release of the security plan in the border region.

Palestinian President willing to continue talks with Israel


Abbas reaffirmed that “we have not stalled negotiations with Israel (…), are eager to return to the dialogue for another nine months, but must release Palestinian prisoners in order to resume talks on borders and boundaries.”

Begin rescue ship stuck in the Galapagos Islands


The Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, said in a statement that more than 15 experts from the company that specializes in this type of rescue, reviewed the anchors that hold the boat, studied its stability, adjusted the ropes and used the tug to ensure immobility.

Teachers are paralyzed by missed payments in Costa Rica


Despite the appeal made them the president of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís, to resume educational activities, teachers refused to open classes and said that unemployment will continue until the government canceled the debts.

Flight MH370 may have been shot down during military maneuvers


The testimony of the operator of an oil rig in the Gulf of Thailand, Mike McKay, who saw a plane on fire just as did U.S. military operations coincides with the time when the radar signal lost aircraft.

At the UN bet on South-South cooperation


John Ashe, president of the General Assembly of the United Nations on Monday called for the strengthening and cooperation among countries of the South. Ashe believes we should include the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in any scheme of cooperation countries.

El Salvador admits unknown whereabouts of former Flores


The Salvadoran exmandatario is required through a red alert posted on the website of the International Police (Interpol) stating that he is wanted on charges of embezzlement, illicit enrichment and individual disobedience.

Investigated another member of the Uribe campaign of espionage


Luis Alfonso Hoyos, exdirectivo presidential candidate Uribe campaign was formally linked Monday to research on illegal interceptions Dialogues peace to conduct the hacker Andrés Sepúlveda. Holes will be questioned next Tuesday.

Judge Argentina begins interviewing victims of Francoism in Spain


It is expected that on Tuesday the only judge who investigates crimes committed in Spain under Franco, to interview victims for health conditions could not travel to Argentina or the consulate of the South American nation.