Daily Archives: 18 mayo, 2014

88% of Venezuelans disapprove of violence


The survey, which involved 200 thousand people across the country, was conducted between 2 and 8 May. It is noted that 88 percent of Venezuelans rejects guarimbas, while 10 percent support them.

Too much exercise can be bad for the heart


The researchers evaluated 10 years the frequency and intensity of physical activity over a thousand individuals aged about 60 with stable coronary artery disease.

Ecuador sends condolences to Turkey for mining accident


The accident occurred on Wednesday, leaving a total balance of 301 dead and numerous protests against the government’s weak labor laws that prioritizes profitability

Maduro lead in meeting economic and security area


The Venezuelan leader will chair a meeting in the morning with the economic team and another in the afternoon with governors and mayors in the nation to define strategies under the National Pacification Plan.

Pope Francisco: canonization of Monsignor Romero “going well”


The Archbishop of San Salvador Jose Luis Escobar, current president of the Episcopal Conference, said in a press conference that Pope Francis told him that the canonization of Monsignor Arnulfo Romero “going well.” He also expressed the desire of the Salvadoran church to perform the ceremony in El Salvador.

Vietnam celebrated the birth of Ho Chi Minh


Government representatives attended the ceremony and floral offerings were placed in Mausoleum in dedicated first revolutionary leader in the nation, for which he fought to get independence.

Venezuela Symphony participate in Latin American Music Festival

The Latin American Music Festival is unique this year held in two parts: from 16 to 25 May and then from 12 to 19 October. It is a noble effort of composers and directoresenezolanos Alfredo Rugeles and Diana Arismendi.

Unasur foreign ministers meetings with Venezuelan opposition retake


This Sunday, Patiño said through his account on the social network Twitter that traveled to the Venezuelan capital. In the message he reiterated his support for the dialogue process that takes place in the South American nation.

Candidates ask Colombians Óscar Iván Zuluaga resignation to candidacy


The Clara Lopez and Enrique Peñalosa candidates have requested the resignation of its container, Óscar Iván Zuluaga after a video in which the bond you have with the so-called “hacker” Andrés Fernando Sepulveda desmuestra be revealed.

Bus torched in Colombia leaves 26 dead children


The bus was traveling in the Foundation fire-Valledupar route and carrying 40 children in a Pentecostal church. The mayor of the municipality Foundation indicated that the balance of approximately 26 children died, while 14 were taken to nearby medical centers.