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Uruguay in Brazil 2014: Claw, technical and offensive effectiveness


The whole sky goes to the World Cup as South American champion and with the intent to achieve a similar role to the international tournament; where they reached the semifinals.

U.S. infected by MERS after contact with sick


The Federal Center for Control and Prevention of Diseases USA identified an American with an apparent virus infection MERS, who had been in contact with the first infected in that country; case was reported on May 2 in Illinois.

South Koreans protest against government management Sewol shipwreck


Some 30,000 South Koreans, as well as relatives of the victims of Sewol protested Saturday in Seoul against the government of that country, by the sinking of the ferry management, event that met Friday a month and so far casts balance of 285 dead and 28 missing.

Over 3,000 Chinese evacuated from Vietnam by demonstrations

Protesters carry Vietnamese national flags as they enter a factory during an anti-China protest in Vietnam's southern Binh Duong province

Beijing had advised its citizens not to travel to Vietnam with the worst anti-Chinese demonstrations that occur in the country in decades, which have included fires in Chinese-owned factories and marches of Vietnamese workers in 22 of the 63 provinces of the country.

Costa Rica flag hoisted sexual diversity in Presidential House


This action all the country’s ministries and institutions that operate in a decentralized manner as part of the International Day Against Homophobia joined.

Deep space would be full of diamonds according to astronomers


These planets, carbon-rich inner layers of diamond are several kilometers thick. Carbon is the chemical element precisely they are made of diamonds.

Cuba will chair the World Health Assembly


It will be the first time that Cuba has the highest responsibility for directing the work of the World Health Assembly, to be attended by members and other representatives of the 194 member countries of the World Health Organization (WHO)

Portugal bailout program leaves the Troika


Portugal longer-officially-Saturday under the aegis of the troika-European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund-three years after international agencies accept grant a loan of 78,000 million euros.

Floods in Bosnia and Serbia left 30 dead and thousands evacuated


It has been reported killing at least 30 people died in Bosnia and Serbia, where 20 thousand people were evacuated, authorities said Saturday. Rainfall is the strongest in the last 120 years in Bosnia, which have caused flooding in several towns.

U.S. antitank missiles sent to Syrian rebels


The weapons must first pass a series of tests; Before being used for moderate groups; despite fears of some experts that this kind of arsenal falling into the hands of terrorist groups.