Daily Archives: 16 mayo, 2014

Ranking leaders participate in fencing tournaments organized by Cuba


Ana Branza Romanian athlete and American Race Imboden defend their titles last year during the Grand Prix of Sword and Foil World Cup Villa Havana.

In Depth: New Points of agreement between the FARC and the Colombian government


The representative from the Colombian government, Humberto de la Calle, said that with this new agreement “removes gasoline to the situation that has fueled the conflict in the country (…), drug trafficking that has caused so many horrors” in decades.

Robotic prosthetic arm designed in Ecuador will be sold at low cost


Device designers and Veronica Ramirez Cristian Barros, students of Technical University of Loja in Ecuador (UTPL), argued that the “hand of hope” sold for $ 300 to those low-income people who need prosthetic arm.

Approved recognition denationalized in Dominican Republic


After two consecutive readings, the bill passed unanimously and without any modifications. The Constitutional Court of 2013, had ordered ring nationality to all those born in the country since 1929 whose parents did not have foreign residence permit.

Northeast clashes leave 24 dead in Libya and more than 100 injured


The clashes took place in the city of Benghazi, where the forces of former general Halifa Hafter, in February accused of planning a coup, forcibly entered with the intent to control different guarding barracks Army militia.

FARC and the Colombian government reach agreement on drug trafficking and illicit crops


After materialize this agreement, the negotiating teams expected to discuss the issue of transitional justice and victims of armed conflict. At this point, the FARC has insisted that it should convene a truth commission, composed of national and international experts.

Maduro: Unasur is playing its role in channeling dialogue Venezuela


Venezuelan President reiterated that Unasur is complying with Venezuela, to seek to target different sectors of the opposition to a path of respect for the Constitution and that dialogue in a democratic framework, without violence.

They estimate that in a month you can rescue the ship aground in Galapagos


The emergency declaration by the portfolio managers of environmental resources have enabled tools for logistics and without bureaucratic processes that would prevent mitigate adverse effects on the environment.

At least one dead leaves wildfire southwest U.S.


The most affected area is San Marcos (North San Diego), where the area devastated by fire causing panic multiplied to all inhabitants of the state of California. In fact, firefighters remain deployed in order to prevent further damage.

Immigration reform remains stalled by Republicans in the U.S.


The leader of the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress, Nancy Pelosi said Friday his dissent by stalled immigration reform by the Republicans.