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Consider food crisis affecting South Sudan

Displaced Sudanese women from Darfur cook food

The non-governmental humanitarian organization profile, Oxfam International warned Monday that the Republic of South Sudan, a country involved in a war continues for months, is affected by a famine that would rank catastrophic.

Peru will take action by high pollution levels in Lima


A WHO report on air quality in 600 cities worldwide thousand and 91 countries, drawn between 2008 and 2012, showed that Lima has the worst pollution indices continent and a high level in the air of particulate matter, which can contain carcinogens.

Two Israeli soldiers fired for refusing to vacate settlements


According to military sources, the two Israeli soldiers from Battalion 50 of the Nahal unit, posted on Facebook photos of themselves with placards inciting disobedience.

Turkish police attacked protesting other mining accident


The protesters were dispersed with water pumps and toxic gases, when the Turkish government blamed the tragedy that claimed the lives of over 230 workers Tuesday in a mine west of the country.

Uruguay administer medical marijuana to terminally ill patients


Uruguay’s vice minister of Public Health (MPH), Leonel Briozzo said that palliative care as applied to terminally ill patients, cannabis “has the ability to reduce pain perception and enhance patient comfort.”

Mexican Skeleton reveals data on early American inhabitants


Researchers outlined the theory that America was populated by Asian migrants across the Bering Strait gains credibility with the course of events.

Dominican bill presented to recognize denationalized


Since February this initiative is expected to stabilize the identity and rights of all births in the country between June 1929 and April 2007 to foreign parents, who are enrolled in the registry. The House must decide whether to endorse the text.

Lula da Silva condemns criticism: Brazil is prepared for the World


Exdignatario Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, lamented that government opponents of President Dilma Rousseff groups continue to make demonstrations against the sporting event. He said that despite the difficulties, the nation is prepared to kick off the tournament on June 12.

Persist protests against cuts in Spain


Until next Sunday, May 25, scheduled for the parliamentary elections in Spain, it is estimated that the protests continue in the streets of the Spanish capital.

Fast food workers were mobilized in U.S. for wage increase


In New York (northeast), where activists began a movement prosueldos, about 100 protesters gathered outside a pizza restaurant, after several protests in branches of McDonald’s to demand a salary increase and the creation of a union.