Venezuela will nominate Maria Lonza myth as World Heritage
Venezuelan experts ask Unesco to declare the myth of Maria Lionza cultural heritage of humanity. (Photo Archive)

Researchers Yaracuy in centroccidente of Venezuela asked the United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organization (Unesco, for its acronym in English) to declare the myth of Maria Lonza as a cultural heritage humanity.
The experts who made the request to Unesco are technicians and specialists from the Ministry of Culture, Cultural Diversity Center, Institute of Cultural Heritage and the National Experimental University of Yaracuy (Uney).
These scientists have three years gathering information required to create the file for the application at the request of the UN.
The operating director of the Office of Culture Yaracuy, Luis Gallardo, said that studies are well advanced, so in the coming months the project for national declaration was presented and subsequently the world declaration will be requested.
“The myth of Maria Lonza has been restricted only to the worship that takes place in the national monument that bears his name, in the mountain of Sorte, but actually goes further spaces along the river in Yaracuy expressed in various ways. It’s part of our cultural heritage, an undeniable wealth, which well deserves to become a world heritage, “said Gallardo.He said the myth meets in its original form on 22 religious courts, which represent the 22 streams that reach the Yaracuy River and, according to legend, were created by the Anaconda God after sleeping 22 warriors to ensure for the preservation of nature in that valley.
The most popular cuts are rite originating in India, the African, the Medical, the Viking, the Chamarrera, the Celestial and the Don Juans.
The final document will be finalized in the coming weeks for delivery to the cultural authorities of the country for evaluation and adequacy and to raise the cultural historical myth sitial it deserves.