Rejection student forced to suspend director of IMF paper
According to the IMF, we do not overshadow the outstanding performances of graduate students. (Photo: Reuters)

The Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, declined to speak at an American university students by the pressure of criticizing the role of the organization in promoting imperialism and patriarcado.Lagarde last Sunday was to give one Speaking at the ceremony prom at Smith College, a prestigious university in Massachusetts (northeast) exclusively mujeres.Sin But some students objected to his remarks and through an online petition accused the IMF of being the “primary responsibility” the failure of development policies in poor countries. Also, the university denounced the Fund have reinforced the patriarchal system that oppresses “women around the world.” “While we respect the achievements of Ms. Lagarde as a female leader in the world, do not want to be represented by anyone who has contributed directly to systems that learned to fight,” the petición.Entre Thus, an agency spokeswoman said in an e addressed to the international news agency AFP that “we do not want IMF involvement eclipse featured performances of graduate students during this special day.” Recently, Condoleezza Rice, exsecrataria State administration of George W. Bush had a similar situation at Rutgers University in New Jersey (northeast), the students refused to him to come for his role in the Iraq War.