Daily Archives: 13 mayo, 2014

Israeli former Prime Minister sentenced to 6 years in prison for corruption


Ehud Olmert, 68 years old, is the first who has held the post of prime minister in Israel to finish behind bars. The reason was an act of corruption executed when he was mayor of Jerusalem. In addition, you will pay a fine of 210 thousand euros.

Petrismo supports President campaign Santos


Followers of Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro, leader of the Progressive Movement, Tuesday formalized support for the nomination of candidate for reelection president, Juan Manuel Santos, the Colombian presidential elections for May 25th.

The glaciers of Antarctica to melt “unstoppable” pace


Scientists reported that the ice is melting due to the relatively warm water emerging naturally from the ocean depths. The Phenomenon raise sea level up to 4 meters and according to NASA “there is nothing to stop it now.”

Uribe in Bogota appears to prosecution case to declare JJ Rendón


The Colombian president, Alvaro Uribe Velez, is the prosecution Tuesday in Bogota yielding comment on the case of the alleged financing of the election campaign of Juan Manuel Santos, 2010 with drug money.

FIGURES: Homeland Security Plan, a year by reducing crime rates in Venezuela


The Homeland Security Plan, implemented by the revolutionary government of Venezuela, meets its first anniversary Tuesday wearing protection to the Venezuelan people. In this first year has been reduced by 50 percent odds of abduction and 17 percent in the homicide.

Government of Costa Rica resumed dialogue with striking teachers


The new Education Minister Sonia Marta Mora, will hold a meeting on Tuesday with educators who remain on strike last week to demand payment of wage arrears in January and February.

Unusual: Couple Multan to feed homeless


During the last year, an American couple fed over a hundred homeless with food acquired through donations. Daytona Beach is one of the few cities that passed ordinances prohibiting organizations or individuals to feed the poor.

Mujica urges employers to work to reduce poverty


José Mujica stressed that his government started with a 39 percent poverty and today “we have 11 percent of people under the poverty line.” In addition, homelessness has been reduced to 0.5 percent, he said.

The massacres in Odessa give the coup de grace to the unity of Ukraine


The massacres that mourned Odessa May 2, 2014, both on the streets and in the House of Unions of that city, show the will of the coup regime Kiev to impose the law of anti-Russian terror.

Colombian farmers raise agricultural strike in Huila


Colombian peasants accepted the Executive’s proposal to refinance loans to small producers and got a waiting eight days for the Tuesday Pitalito Agriculture Minister present a formula to reduce the costs of inputs.