Judge Argentina travels to Spain to interview victims of Franco

The trip is part of the reason that Judge Maria Servini instructed to judge the crimes committed by the regime of dictator Francisco Franco. (Photo:. Cij.gov.ar)

On 18 May, a judge Argentina will travel to Spain to interview victims of Franco, and gather evidence about the crimes being investigated for four years. The trip is part of the reason that Judge Maria Servini instructed to judge the crimes committed by the regime of dictator Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and the subsequent dictatorship (1939-1975), sources confirmed Tuesday State Coordinator for the Support of Complaint Argentina (Ceaqua).

According Ceaqua said, Servini “intends” to “collect evidence and documentation directly Francoist crimes in different entities and files of the Spanish nation.” It also has planned a series of meetings with representatives of various institutions Estado.La judge starts questioning in the Basque Country (north), was then travel to Andalusia (south) and end your stay in Spain in Madrid (capital), the next May 30.

The judge requested the extradition to Argentina exinspector Antonio González Pacheco, known as Billy the Kid, and the civil guard excapitán Dolls Jesus Aguilar to investigating the torture allegedly committed during the last years of Franco. However, Sections Two and Three of the National Court have refused to give them to consider the facts of which they are accused have “prescribed”, which has outraged affected by Franco torture and their families.Investigate not call “lawsuit Argentina” began in 2010 in a courtroom in Buenos Aires (capital) after the National Court of Spain closed the open investigation by the then judge Baltasar Garzón.En Spain had given a policy by not investigate violations of human rights by the dictatorship, after which victims and families of this political period came before the courts in Argentina.

Judge Garzon, adjusted for international doctrine that crimes against humanity do not prescribe, investigations began, but was removed from office by this action. With the coming to power of Néstor Kirchner of Argentina expresidete is nation ceased to be governed by the laws of impunity, and emerged a hope of justice. Garzón launched investigations from Spain and later Judge Servini opened an investigation into the crimes of the victims of Francoism franquismo.Las qualify for the universal justice, which allows to judge crimes against humanity in any country, regardless of where the events occurred. Franco is the term used to refer to political ideology and social movement that served fascist support and sustenance to the dictatorial regime that emerged in Spain during the Civil War between 1936 and 1939, and led by Francisco Franco, prevailed until his death 1975.