FARC insists comprehensive agrarian reform

A comprehensive agrarian reform is an essential part of the solution to crops eventual misuse, said Tuesday the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in a statement read by Marcos Calarca, one of the delegates of the insurgents in peace talks performed in Havana.
Calarcá added that “there is an intimate link between the land and its problems” and illicit drugs, an issue currently being debated both parties within the six-point agenda to focus the talks between the government and the FARC.
Currently being discussed in a sub-dialogue on “illicit crops” that caused extensive discussions, as the rebel group rejects the forced substitution of crops and spraying with chemicals that sicken Colombian peasants.
“It’s the most persecuted and demonized the failed war on drugs rural population, being the weakest link and the least benefited,” said Calarca.
Agricultural Bureau
The FARC called the installation of the Single National Bureau to discuss the agrarian problem in the country as the first victory of the peasant movement.
In the space of 35 delegates will discuss consultation with representatives of the Executive issued the statement of demands of Agrarian People’s National Summit, Ethnic and made from 15 to 17 March last., Also underlined the need to transform the mode of production, the necessary infrastructure, and project-based agricultural issues as the economy and national sovereignty.